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Colorado School of Mines

1997 Industry Partnership Award

In 1874, the Colorado Territorial Legislature appropriated $5,000 to found the Territorial School of Mines in or near Golden, Colorado. In 1876, Colorado achieved statehood and the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) received its current name. The first diploma was awarded in 1882, and through May of 1996, CSM has graduated a total of 19,350 students.

These graduates have fanned out throughout the world, making significant contributions to the development of the earth's natural resources. Natural resources are the building blocks of our modern society and the Colorado School of Mines has provided industry, academia, government, and nations with the human resources necessary to extract, refine, shape, and produce the metals and products from these resources.

The school has grown and prospered since opening its doors in 1874 and is today larger and stronger than ever, as a degree granting institution providing people and technology for the natural resource community worldwide. The school's historical contributions merit significant recognition and its current health ensures a bright future for continued contributions to the industry and societies around the globe.

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