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Shannon incline in the Morenci Mining District.   Loaded ore cars from Shannon Copper Company mines located near the top of the incline, were lowered on the incline to the bins and Coronado Railroad below.  Later the Shannon Copper Company built their own railroad.  Courtesy of Phelps Dodge Corporation.

History of Mining in Arizona (Volume I, II & III)

Individual articles contained within these publications are available online or you may purchase paper copies of these publications online using our online payment form.  If you need additional information or wish to order these volumes through the office, please contact the Mining & Minerals Education Foundation at the following location:

P.O. Box 42317
Tucson, Arizona 85733
Tel: 520-577-7519      

History of Mining in Arizona - Vol. 1, J. Michael Canty and Michael N. Greeley, Editors

Starts with original explorers and covers many well-known mining camps: Oatman, Tombstone, Clifton-Morenci, Humboldt, and Bisbee.

History of Mining in Arizona - Vol. 2, J. Michael Canty and Michael N. Greeley, Editors

Covers chapters on Hispanic mining in Arizona, Arizona's Silver Belt, mines of Tiger and Superior, women in mining, along with short stories related to mining folklore. Both books contain many excellent historical photographs.

The History of Mining in Arizona - Vol. 3.  J. Michael Canty, H. Mason Coggin, and Michael N. Greeley, Editors

Explores the Ajo, Kofa, and Patagonia mining districts; the Old Dominion Copper Mine at Miami; Kentucky Camp; Arizona aerial mine tramways; the Sasco smelter; the Calumet & Arizona mining company; Arizona hydraulic mining; Arizona silver mining; and the Automobile Gold Rush in Arizona. This book contains about 200 historic photos, and an author index to all three volumes.

History of Mining in Arizona, soft cover copies, are now only available as a set. 

A set of all three books is $60.00 plus $15.00 shipping.

There are a limited number of hard cover copies of Volumes II, and III, for $30.00 per copy plus shipping and handling.

These fascinating books inform the general public about the significance of mining in the past, and how it has been and still is a driving force behind Arizona - the territory and the state.


P. O. Box 42317

Tucson, Arizona  85733

Phone - (520) 577-7519


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