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ARTICLE II MEMBERSHIP AND DUES - Section 1 - Membership The membership of this Foundation shall be divided into classes of: (a) Associate Membership, (b) Voting Membership, (c) Sustaining Membership, (d) Affiliate Membership, and (e) Honorary Membership. Any person interested in fostering the goals of the Foundation, as expressed in the statement of purpose, shall be entitled to membership for the current or specified membership year upon payment of dues associated with the specific membership class. The amount of dues and member benefits for each membership class may be amended or modified from time to time by the Board of Governors (hereinafter, the “Board”).

Honorary Membership - In recognition of outstanding and long-time service to the Foundation, the Board may from time to time designate any past or current Member to be awarded lifetime Honorary Membership. An Honorary Member is excused from further annual membership dues but retains all privileges of a voting member.

Receiving the Honorary Member Medallion starting second from the far left  are Martin Kuhn, Will Wilkinson, Susan Wick,

Larry Dykers and Cori Hoag. Tom Aldrich, Executive Director, and Shawn Hamilton, Vice President are also pictured.

Honorary Members Inducted 2023

Lawrence G. Dykers was President in 2008, Vice President and HOF Chair in 2007 and as Treasurer in 2012. In addition, Larry has served on the HOF Committee for 17 years from 2007 – 2023 and on the Board of Governors for 10 years from 2007 – 2016. He also has been a valuable member of the Foresight Committee. Larry has been a Sustaining Member since 2009. Larry has been involved with the Mining Diorama since its inception in 2009. It was originally displayed at the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum until the museum was closed by Governor Jan Brewer in 2011. It was then put on display at the Northand East Valley Technical Institutes in the Phoenix area. School expansions forced the model into storage. In 2015, Larry found a new home for the diorama at The Arizona Historical Society in the Natural Resource section of their museum at Papago Park, Tempe AZ. The Model was refurbished where it was displayed until the summer of 2022. Larry again found a new home for the model at the  Bullion Plaza Cultural Center & Museum in Historic Miami, AZ. The model has been reduced in size and is under refurbishment again with a grand opening expected in June 2023. Larry has spent considerable amounts of his own money on this project over the years, not to mention the personal time he has volunteered.

Corolla K. Hoag was President in 2013 and Vice President and HOF Chair three times in 2010, 2011 and 2012. In addition, Cori has served on the HOF Committee for 15 years from 2009 – 2023 and on the Board of Governors for 12 years from 2008 – 2019. She also has been a valuable member of the Foresight Committee. Cori has been a Gold Member since 2014. It was during her three year run as HOF Chair that Cori transformed the banquet into a “must-attend” banquet and a momentous fund raiser. It was in 2011 that Cori introduced the use of videos to highlight the achievements of each year’s Honorees. That became a game changer. The banquet regularly now attracts 500 – 600 attendees. Cori continues her involvement by serving on both the HOF Committee and the Foresight Committee.

Martin C. Kuhn was President in 1983 and 1998. He was Vice President and HOF Chair three times in 1985, 1994 and 1995. In addition, Martin served on the Board of Governors for 24 years from 1995 – 2018 and on the HOF Committee for 18 years from 1996 – 2013. He also has been a valuable member of the Foresight Committee. Martin was a member from 1983 - 2020.

Susan F. Wick was President three times in 1997, 2000 and 2002. She was Secretary/Treasurer for 17 years (1992 – 1998, 2001 and 2003 – 2011)  In addition, Susan served on the Board of Governors for 22 years from 1993 – 2012 and 2015 -2016. For the last three years Susan has sat on the Audit & Finance Committee. Susan has been a member since 1993 and a Silver member since 2015.

William H. Wilkinson was President in 1997 and HOF Chairman in 1996. He has served on the Board of Governors for 31 consecutive years and counting since 1993 and the Hall of Fame Committee for 30 consecutive years since 1994. Will has also served on the Foresight Committee since 2015. He has been a member since 1993 and a Gold member since 1994.

Honorary Members Inducted 2019

Dr. Roshan B. Bhappu served as Vice President in 2004 and President in 2005 as well as serving on the Board of Governors for over 25 years, on the Hall of Fame Committee for 17 years and as Hall of Fame Chairman twice. In addition, he was the Medal of Merit recipient at the Twenty-Fourth Annual American Mining Hall of Fame Awards Presentation and Banquet in 2006.

From left to right: Doug Austin, Jean Austin, Terry McNulty and Roshan Bhappu

Jean Austin, BOG member and former MFSW Executive Manager, and her husband Doug met with Roshan on June 20 along with Board Member Terry McNulty, Roshan's son Manek and his sister Ruby to present him with the letter from MFSW president Chris Wilson honoring him with "Lifetime Honorary Membership" in the Foundation.  Roshan was very thrilled and happy to meet with mining people and talk old times. He was so thankful that this honor was bestowed upon him. 


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